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lief! lifestyle operates with the principle of licenses. Every product group has its own licensee. These licensees are responsible for the producing and distribution of the products. Meanwhile lief! lifestyle is responsible for the design, so that the products always seamlessly fit in the world of lief! lifestyle

The Press
The lief! lifestyle PR department will be glad to keep you informed of all the latest developments and up to date with news of new ranges and products. You can also find more information about downloading photographs and the lief! lifestyle logo.

Joint promotions
lief! lifestyle is always looking for suitable parties with whom to collaborate. Do you think you could offer a good match for lief! lifestyle? Read more here about joint promotions.

Discover the world of lief! lifestyle
Since opening the first shop in 2005, lief! lifestyle has grown tremendously. Watch the corporate movie and discover the headquarters, history, all the product categories and the latest developments in the lief! lifestyle concept.

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