Arovo International BV – Tableware

Child friendly - Nothing is safe with little rascals around. lief! lifestyle developed a special melamine dinnerware. Unbreakable and child proof. The melamine dinnerware is colourful with a typical lief! lifestyle design. In addition to the colourful dinnerware there is also the firm  children's cutlery in a girls 'and boys' version. The dinnerware and cutlery come with a nice lief! lifestyle packaging


Arovo International BV | Kerkstraat 1 | 3741 AJ Baarn | The Netherlands | |
Contact: Suzanne van ’t Zand,

    Bébé B.V. – Kids Syrup & mama juice

Natural and innovative - The lief! lifestyle syrups and juices contain less sugar and natural ingredients. The lief! lifestyle fruit & kruid siroop is available for babies and toddlers up from 6 months and comes in two flavours: Apple & Chamomile and Elderflower & Blueberry . For mums lief! lifestyle offers the special Mama’s moment juices in the flavours Strawberry & Lime and Orange & Passionfruit . The juices are low in calories and contain special mommy vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin D.


Bébé B.V. | IJsselmeerweg 100 | 1411 DL Naarden | The Netherlands | | Postbus: 5178 1410 | Contact: Chantal Singels,

    Blyco – Tablecloth 

Being messy is approved - The lief! lifestyle oilcloth has a high quality fabric and is therefore craft and kids proof. The oilcloth is available in six different designs: pink hearts for girls and a red desings with blue stars for the boys. Of course, the oilcloth can also be used for an Easter breakfast , a late lunch or messy birthday party, the possibilities are endless.


Blyco Textile Group BV | Marssteden 210 | 7547 TD Enschede | The Netherlands |
T:053 4877411 | F:053 4334808 | Contact: Remco Verschoor,  

    Dooky - buggies accessoiries

Everyday must haves – Hushing your baby with a pacifier, the first time drinking on his own, lief! is there at all your special moments. The lief! bottles and pacifiers are available in typical lief! designs and colours. Besides this, lief! also offers handy clips for your baby’s pacifiers. With this your baby won’t lose its dear pacifier any longer.


Xplorys BV | Bijlestaal 17-19 | 1721 PT Broek op Langedijk | Nederland | | 
T:  +31 (0)226 335599 | Fax: +31 (0)226 335590 | Contact person:

    Gebr. de Boon - Accessories for pets

lief! pet care - your pet can also share in the lief! atmosphere in the house. Feeding bowls, cushions, toys and feeding accessories form part of our collection of accessories for pets. It’s extra fun if your dog or cat can curl up in the living room on a lief! cushion.

  Gebr. de Boon | Avelingen West 39b | 4202 MS Gorinchem | The Netherlands | | 
T: +31 (0)183 660822 | F: +31 (0)183 660908 | contact person: Marcus Eijkelenboom,

    Graham & Brown Wall Decoration
The perfect solution for boring walls - bring the characteristic lief! colours into your home with lief! wallpaper, wall decor and paint. Our collection not only comprises bright and sunny colours but also has beautiful basics and neutrals to combine them with.

  Graham&Brown | Agriport 99 | 1775 TA Middenmeer | The Netherlands | | 
T: +31 (0)229 212526 | F: +31 (0)229 215767 | contact person: Claudia Malizia,

    Interchild BV – Baby hardware

Safe and Secure - The lief! lifestyle baby hardware ensures the safety of your baby on the road and anywhere in the house. The bouncers are available in a lief! design : pink with white polka dots and a stoer! design : blue with white stars. In the near future lief! lifestyle will also offer car seats.


Interchild BV | Marisstraat 23 | 3364 AZ Sliedrecht | Nederland |
T: 0184 420 621 | contact:

    E&L Cycles – Kids bikes

Adventurous and bold - The lief! lifestyle bikes are safe and firm with a typical lief! lifestyle twist. The bicycles are available in a 12 inch and a 16 inch size. For boys there is a double rod and a sturdy rack in front of the bike for the girls. The bicycles are included with training wheels and come in a light blue and dark blue shade. In addition, lief! lifestyle offers the popular balance bikes for the little ones. The balance bikes come with a cool lief! lifestyle design in the colors turquoise and blue for boys and a white and pink design for girls.


E&L Cycles | Parallelweg 25 | 1131 DM Volendam | The Netherlands |
T: +31 (0)29 941 0000 | F: +31 - 0299 410009 | Contact: Leo Kubbinga,

    Knorr toys – Accessories for dolls & toys

The lief! prams and buggies are ideal for children’s play. They are available in bright colours and enable the dolls to be taken with you when you go for a walk. In addition there are also adventurous play tents for your kids available within this collection! Gmbh | Gutenstrasse 1 | 96247 Michelau | Germany |
T: +49 (0)957197600 | F: +49 (0)9571976024 | Contact: Peter Knorr,

    Mundia BV – Hydrophilic cloths

Practical and hygienic – With the hydrophilic cloths from lief! lifestyle you easily dry your little one or you wrap him in to keep him warm and safe. The cloths are also convenient to use for small cleaning jobs. A good sleeping bag is essential in a nursery. lief! lifestyle provides high quality sleeping bags in a boys' and girls design.


Mundia BV | Doetinchemseweg 69 | 7007 CB Doetinchem | The Netherlands |
T: +31 (0)31 436 2008 | F: +31 (0)31 436 2410 | Contact: Ditte Eijkelboom,

    Nature’s choice b.v. – Cosmetics & Wellness

Bathing and fussing - Kids love water, especially in the bathroom. Nice long showers and dawdling in front of the mirror. The lief! lifestyle gift sets can be used by both infants and toddlers and consists of a fragrant body wash and shampoo. The gift sets come in a sturdy boys and cuddly girl design with a cute keychain.


Nature’s choice b.v. | Penningweg 44 | 1131 4879 AG Etten-Leur | The Netherlands || T: +31 (0)76 543 0999 | F: +31 (0)76 542 21 14 | Contact: Rian van Velzen,

    Nedac Sorbo Group – Socks, sunglasses & hair accessoiries

Completes the outfit! - In addition to clothing lief! lifestyle also offer many different kind of accessories. From cool sunglasses to cute hair accessories, such as heart-shaped hair clips and colourful hair bows. In addition, the range includes tights and socks with typical cuddly lief! lifestyle designs such as windmills, wooden shoes and stars. In the future there will also be children's jewelery available. 


Nedac Sorbo Group | Innovatie 1 | 6921 RH Duiven | The Netherlands |
T: 026-319 4444 | Contact: Eefje Biemans,

    New Edition - Stationery

Take lief! everywhere - Every desk is made cheerier by the lief! stationery collection. Super cute diaries, note books, exercise books, address books and lots, lots more. Everything you could possibly need for school or at the office, New Edition offers it! The lief! stationery collections also contain matching accessories and change every year! 

  New Edition stationery | Hendrik Figeeweg 1-0004 | FIGEEHAL 2 | 2031 BJ Haarlem | The Netherlands | | 
T: +31 (0)23 8009901 | Contact person: Margriet Timmerman,

    Paloma Horgen Papier Benelux BV  - Tissues

Perfect for the hectic family life: the lief! tissue box! Little problems such as spilling, sneezing and dripping are easily solved with these handy tissues. They come in a colourful box with the typical lief! design, so it can be placed anywhere you like in your home.




Paloma Horgen Papier Benelux BV | Neptunusweg 2a | 8938 AA Leeuwarden | The Netherlands | | T: +31 (0)78 6456665
Contact person: Boudewijn Mintjens,

    Private Label & Concepts - Personal audio & watches

lief! has an exciting assortment of electronic devices, including headphones, earphones and watches. Listen to your favourite music with great electronic accessories in cheerful colours. In addition you can brighten up the outfit of your kids with the cute lief! watches.

  Private Label & Concepts | Poldervaart 32 | 6642 CX Beuningen | The Netherlands | | Contact person: Huub van Kaathoven, 

    Princess Sportsgear & Traveller B.V. – Bags & travelgear

On the road! - lief! lifestyle is also present at school, with the girls' and boys handy backpack, kids can pack all their belongings. lief! lifestyle is also there for you on the road and on holidays with plenty of travel gear. There is a cuddly girls makeup bag and for the boys a cool toiletry bag, but also convenient suitcases for both. Besides that there’s also a sturdy gym bag and for the girly girls there’s a sweet shoulder handbag. lief! lifestyle is also there for the mommy’s with a handy diaper bag in a boys- and girls- design.


Princess Sportsgear & Travaller B.V. | Postbus 4643 | 4803 EP Breda | The Netherlands | | T: +31 (0)76 530 0350 | Contact: Florentine Ouborg,

    Simba ToysSoft toys
Soft and lovely to snuggle up to - the lief! soft toys give every child a feeling of security.  Our collection also includes cuddle-cloths, rattles, teethers and buggy-hangers. The larger toys are in bright colours making them perfect for decorating children’s bedrooms. 

  Simba Toys | Moeskroensesteenweg 383C | 8511 Aalbeke | Belgium | | 
T: +32 56224574 | F: +32 56203761 | Contact person: Paul Lannoy,

    Smartwares GroupLighting
Create the perfect ambiance in your interior with the colorful lighting collection of lief! Not only children can have a lief! lamp hanging in their room, also adults can enjoy reading their books under a lief! desk lamp. The lief! lighting assortment includes unique night lights, wall lamps, chandeliers and table lamps, all designed in colorful fabrics and with detailed finishing.  

  Smartwares group | jules Verneweg 87 | 5015 BH Tilburg | The Netherlands | | 
T: +31 (0)13 5940300 | Contact person: Pieter Snep,

    Tiseco bvba. Nightwear and underwear
lief! has matching textiles for multiple rooms in the house. There are cheerful duvet covers and cool cushion covers for the bedroom and stylish towels and cute face cloths for the bathroom. The whole house can be given a lief! feel!

  Tiseco bvba | Idustriezone Huttegem 2 | 8570 Anzegem | Belgium | | T: +32 (0)56772571 | F: +32 (0)56772572 | Contact person: Andy Maertens;

    ULC (Achten Fashion Group) – Kids footwear 

Hip & convenient - lief! lifestyle knows that kids adore rain boots, they prefer wearing them all year round. For the boys there is a sturdy design and a girls the rain boots are decorated with cuddly bows. Besides rain boots you will also find cute shoes, trendy sneakers and summer sandals.

   ULC (Achten Fashion Group) | Tuinstraat 1 | 5144 NE Waalwijk | The Netherlands || T: +31 (0)41 656 666 | F: +31 (0)41 633 5933 | Contact: Jessica van Drunen:

    Van der Meulen - swimming toys

Splashing in the water - lief! has swimming toys for both girls and boys. A beach ball, arm bands and rubber rings for taking to the beach or the swimming pool. And for in the garden or at the campsite, we’ve got a cheerful little paddling pool for water play on a hot day 

  Van der Meulen | Lorentzstraat 23 | 8606 JP Sneek | The Netherlands | |
T: +31 (0)515 435635 | Contact person: Erik Zandberg,

    Xplorys BV – Pacifiers & bottles

Everyday must haves – Hushing your baby with a pacifier, the first time drinking on his own, lief! is there at all your special moments. The lief! bottles and pacifiers are available in typical lief! designs and colours. Besides this, lief! also offers handy clips for your baby’s pacifiers. With this your baby won’t lose its dear pacifier any longer.


Xplorys BV | Bijlestaal 17-19 | 1721 PT Broek op Langedijk | Nederland | | 
T:  +31 (0)226 335599 | Fax: +31 (0)226 335590 | Contact:

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