This summer lief! lifestyle introduces the Fruit & Kruid Siropen (Fruit & Herb syrups) for some pure and conscious drinking fun for the whole family. Available in the tasty flavours: Apple & Camomile and Elderflower & Blue berries. A conscious choice with 100% natural ingredients and 0% added sugars for babies and toddlers up from 6 months and older. "Juices contain a sugar overload", headlines the research of food authority Foodwatch. The research says that every kid takes in its own body weight in sugars every day. lief! lifestyle believes that mommy's should give their little ones a cup of lemonade without feeling guilty.

lief! lifestyle went on a search for a healthier alternative for the current sugar overload on the juice- and syrup shelf and a fruity variation on water. "The focus shifts to drinking adequate, with as little sugars as possible", quotes the dieticians. That's why lief! lifestyle has chosen for a syrup that is low in sugars without any added colours, sweeteners, flavours and fragrances. So that the little rascals can enjoy the refreshing flavours unlimited.

The lief! Fruit & Kruid Siropen (Fruit & Herb syrups) had a lot of positive feedback from famous Dutch Mommy's like Monique Smit, Liza Sips and Vivian Reijs during the Mom's Moment event. "It is a welcome variety on water", affirmed Monique Smit. "And has a fine fresh taste", added Liza Sips.

Mama's Moment (Mom's Moment)
Later this summer lief! lifestyle will follow with the innovative Mama Juices: Mama's Moment (Mom's Moment). An innovation on the shelf for mommy's en mommy's to be, but also for de active woman. During pregnancy and breast feeding it is important for mommy's to drink adequately and take in enough nutrients. Specially for these mom's lief! lifestyle developed Mama's Moment (Mom's Moment) in the flavours Orange & Passion and Strawberry & Lime with the super nutrient folic Acid which promotes the development and grow of the baby.

Brim-full vitamins & nutrients
Besides that the Mama Juices are a source of vitamins for the active woman. Just for them lief! added the nutrients zinc, calcium and magnesium for a healthy immune system and natural energy!.

The lief! lifestyle Fruit & Kruid Siropen are available up from week 26 on the baby shelfs in the supermarket Jumbo and drug store Kruidvat for a price of €2,99. The Mama's Moment juices will follow in week 34 for the price of €1,59. For more information please visit:

Designed by lief! lifestyle. Produced and distributed by Bébé B.V. Pure and refreshing to enjoy with the whole family this summer!