Graham & Brown - Wallpaper, paint and canvases

The perfect solution for boring walls - bring the characteristic lief! colours into your home with lief! wallpaper, wall decor and paint. Our collection not only comprises bright and sunny colours but also has beautiful basics and neutrals to combine them with.

  Contact: Graham&Brown | Agriport 99 | 1775 TA Middenmeer | The Netherlands | www.grahambrown.com |
T: +31 (0)229 212526 | F: +31 (0)229 215767 | contact person: Frank Heilig, frank.heilig@grahambrown.com


    Vespo groep B.V. - Bed and bath textiles
Europe / VS / Canada

Showering and sleeping - lief! has matching textiles for multiple rooms in the house. There are cheerful duvet covers and cool cushion covers for the bedroom and stylish towels and cute face cloths for the bathroom. The whole house can be given a lief! feel.

  Contact: Vespo groep B.V. | Adriaan Mulderweg 4-10 | 5657 EM Eindhoven | The Netherlands | www.vespo.nl |
T: +31 (0)40 2380300 | F: +31 (0)40 2380389 | contact person: Lex Vergnes, lex.vergnes@vespo.nl


    Smartwares - Lighting

Perfect lighting for every interior. Not only can children have a lief! lamp hanging in their room, adults can also enjoy reading their books under a lief! desk lamp. Our collection includes night lights, table lamps, wall lamps and standard lamps for every room in the house!

  Contact: Smartwares | Broekakkerweg 15 | 5126 ZJ Gilze | The Netherlands | www.smartwares.eu |
T: +31 (0)161 455363 |F: +31 161 452991 | contact person: Michiel Teunis, Michiel.teunis@smartwares.eu


    B&C International - Custom made window dressings

Cheerful custom made window dressings - every window can be fitted and decorated with lief! window dressings. Our curtains and blinds brighten up any interior and can be custom made. A joy for everyone who loves bright colours or neutrals.

  Contact: B&C International | Ampèrestraat 11 | 8071 PH Nunspeet | The Netherlands | www.bece.com |
T: +31 (0)341 277777 | F: +31 (0)341 252824 | contact person: Margret Pesch, margret.pesch@bece.nl


    Trendiy - Window dressings

Colourful window dressings - whether it is to decorate your room or to keep the light out, lief! window dressings are suitable for both purposes. The blinds brighten up every room and the colours work beautifully with the lief! wallpaper.

  Contact: Trendiy | Amperestraat 11 | 8071 PH Nunspeet | The Netherlands | www.trendiy.com | T: +31 (0)341277888 |
F: +31 (0)341262062 | contact person: Alex Speelman, alex.speelman@bece.nl


    Timgro - furniture, car seats and highchairs 

Out and about and at home - The lief! car seats not only look great, but are also very safe and comfortable. And we have high chairs and furniture for the nursery. The range includes a cot, wardrobe and bed to furnish the nursery. Create a cosy atmosphere in your home with lief! furniture for the nursery.

  Contact: Timgro Im- and Export Company B.V. | Hogeveldseweg 2 | 4041 CP Kesteren | The Netherlands |
T: +31 (0)488 488844 | F: +31 (0)488 488849 | Contact person: Wim Timmer, wim@timgro.com
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